Friday, 27 September 2013

Top 5 Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor

Locumming is often thought of as a preliminary step to being a full-time doctor and trying to imbibe as much experience of being on the field as possible. With a lot of students thinking of pulling up their collar to be a locum doctor, here is a guide on the benefits of being one. 

The Choice to Work and Earn

Being a temporary doctor, you will have control over the venue at which to work and the time. There is so much flexibility that if you want to go for a holiday when you are expected to work, you may do not without bothering your boss. You can also easily put in extra time at work should you want to earn more than what you already do. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable working at a particular practice, you may cancel your future shifts there and move to another. 


A Locum Doctor Works under No one

The best part about being a locum doctor is that you do not have a boss. Imagine the whiff of freedom to choose your own rates. In fact, most locum doctors earn more in a day compared with the salaried general physicians and other such partners. Besides, because you are on contract and not a permanent employee, you can easily claim more expenses against the tax bill, thereby increasing the money that you take home.


Helps Retired Doctors to Hold on to their Skills

Considering that locum doctors are placed temporarily, retired physicians can fulfill their desire to continue helping people and keep their skills intact. There could be nothing better than being a locum doctor for a physician who is looking forward to wean out of his/her profession. 


Greater Opportunity to Travel

If you are a travel buff, you would be glad to know that becoming a locum doctor will offer you the amazing opportunity to travel to different parts of the country as part of your career building. There are lots of physicians who are passionate about traveling but find it difficult to fix a date on the calendar for their expeditions. With exposure to new skills, a locum doctor is also exposed to different cultures and building the experience of working in different kind of work environments. The best part of being a locum doctor here is that most or all of the expenses of travel and housing are covered under the contract/s. 


Options to get Placed Permanently

Once you have worked as a locum doctor for a short while, you will be pleased to realised that after your contract with a  particular place is about to expire, you will be provided with several options for permanent employers in different parts of the world that you can choose to work in. This way you would not have to brain wrack to find a suitable place after the finishing of the contract. Besides, the availability of hundreds of shits in a particular set up, will ensure that your skills are not being put to waste.